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Weapons Divestment

Divestment from weapons manufacturers has been a common component of Socially Responsible Investment strategies since the very earliest days of SRI. Over time, many asset managers have broadened their definition of weapons divestment to include civilian and military weapons, as well as retailers that derive a significant portion of revenue from the distribution of civilian firearms. Given the existential threat posed by nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, ALL of the socially responsible portfolios at Green Future Wealth Management and divested from these controversial weapons manufacturers, as well as civilian firearms manufacturers.

As a nuclear weapon divestment expert, Green Future Wealth Management Founder and President Nick Cantrell has researched and spoken extensively on the financial implications of investing in nuclear weapons manufacturers. He has presented to the ACIR of the Yale Endowment on the case for nuclear divestment, and provided research support to the International Disarmament Institute Discussion Paper “Nuclear Weapons are a Risky Business”, which was used in discussions with NYC pension funds in making the financial case for nuclear weapon manufacturer divestment. 

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